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When decorating your home, it's important to explore modern elements that adhere to your preferred aesthetic. One increasingly controversial item in the world of home decor is the installation of ceiling fans.

Some home decor enthusiasts feel ceiling fans are a potentially outdated, low-end addition. However, our real estate agents know that when used correctly, ceiling fans are a valuable addition to any home. Follow these tips to ensure your ceiling fans are a hit. 

  • Avoid Outdated Ceiling Fans
    One reason that ceiling fans have a bad reputation is that outdated ceiling fans that appear old and rickety can negatively impact a room's appearance. Homebuyers searching for Albany homes for sale may associate an old ceiling fan with poor home maintenance or overall outdated features. They may even view the entire home as "old," even when it isn't.

    If your ceiling fan is on the older side, a replacement is a simple way to update the look of the whole room. Or, if you're on the fence about adding a ceiling fan, make sure to stick with up-to-date designs. 

    Remember, a ceiling fan acts as more than an accessory. It's also an energy-efficient way to quickly adjust the temperature in a room. Many ceiling fans also incorporate a lighting element to add overhead illumination.

  • Choose a Ceiling Fan That Compliments the Room 
    A ceiling fan should be a flattering addition to the room. First, make sure that the ceiling fan is the correct size for the room. Larger rooms require a bigger ceiling fan, while a smaller space will be overwhelmed by a massive ceiling fan.

    Next, consider the finishes and elements already in the room. Choose a fan with a metal finish that coordinates with the pieces already in the room. Ceiling fans are available in bronze, brass, pewter, and nickel finishes, making it easy to find a piece that matches the hardware in the room.

    Ceiling fans come in an assortment of tones and colors, including various shades of wood and solid colors. You can choose blades with a solid color or opt for a design with a more intricate appearance. If you want your ceiling fan to be a focal point for the room, look for a down rod to extend it and select a fan with fancier elements.

    Pay special attention to the fan's lighting portion. An elegant light instantly transforms the atmosphere in the room. 

  • Look for a Ceiling Fan That Maximizes Convenience 
    Buyers are placing a premium on homes with convenient features. Look for a ceiling fan that comes with a remote or consider a WiFi-enabled smart ceiling fan. Homebuyers will appreciate having the ability to adjust their fan's speed or turn the light on from the comfort of their couch. 

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