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If you're browsing for a new home, one of the many questions you might ask yourself is, "Where will my TV go?" Our real estate agents know exactly how difficult it can be to find a house that meets both your functional and style needs.

For one, a television is a necessary living room fixture for many people, and knowing where to place the TV can be puzzling, especially in a room with several windows or a fireplace.

The size and structure of a living room are some of the most important features you'll have to consider when buying a house. Here are a few ideas on where to place a TV to help you create a setup that best suits your style and living room space.

  1. TV Placement If Your Living Room Has Several Windows
    When deciding on TV placement, the logical place is across the sofa. Ideally, the TV should be the living room's focal point, but this isn't possible when your space has several large windows – they're bound to steal attention. Another consideration is to place your TV away from high-traffic areas and in a position where the windows won't cause a glare.

    Don't place your TV in front or opposite a window. You want to decrease the amount of light shining on the screen as much as possible. So, consider the direction of natural light and, if need be, install window treatments to remove the glare.

  2. TV Over a Fireplace
    Mounting your TV over a fireplace is a classic living room setup. However, depending on the size of the living area, this positioning might be too high to be comfortable. Unless you have a low fireplace, it's best to avoid having it over a fireplace. The way you position your TV influences your well-being, and it's recommended to have it at eye level. You should never strain your eyes, back, or neck as this could lead to tension, fatigue, or stress.

    Instead, consider placing the TV on a credenza diagonally from the fireplace. This way, the crackling fireplace remains the focal point, and you get to enjoy movie night comfortably.

  3. Decorating with a TV
    Modern TVs are bigger, wider, and curvier than the TVs of old. Sometimes, it's not enough to place them on a stand or mount them on a wall. That's why it's important to decorate around your TV to eliminate some of the contemporary garishness. Using furniture to frame a wall-mounted TV or surrounding it with built-in shelving can make its placement more meaningful.

    By decorating around your TV, you eliminate the effect of a lone, giant black square on the wall. Another idea is to paint the wall behind it a dark color; for instance, a deep charcoal accent wall can downplay the TV's appearance.

  4. Off-Center TV Placement
    For some people, a TV is just another living room fixture. If you don't watch much television, fret not! No rule mandates that a TV has to be the focal point of a wall. Having the TV off-center and filling the wall space with bookshelves, art, plants, and any objects you fancy can create a hygge living room perfect for conversation.

  5. Further Design Tips
    One of the most common interior design mistakes is having a fixture completely out of scale with the room. It's one thing to have your TV as the focal point, but it's a whole other thing if it overwhelms the space. Cramming a huge TV into a small room will dwarf the rest of your furnishings and become a major eyesore.

Your Television, Your Home, Your Style

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