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Fall Leaf Pickup - Homeowners - CB Prime Properties

Homebuyers considering some of the many gorgeous Albany homes for sale are often attracted to the majestic trees and lush lawns that surround them. But as the leaves transition from green to gold and red, they also drift to the ground, creating clean-up chores that can cut into your Saturday mornings. Our real estate agents wanted to share several helpful tools designed to keep that imposition on your time to a minimum. Here are some of their favorites:

  • Leaf Vacuum
    A leaf blower may have been your favorite option until now, as they do work well to clear sidewalks and driveways. But you've got to love a tool that picks up those pesky leaves, not just pushes them around. Coming in at under $100, these ingenious devices can operate in either blowing or vacuuming mode, providing you with an additional option. They normally come with a vacuum tube and a zippered collection bag but may have other accessories. Several models offer variable speeds for maximum control. This device leaves us wondering why we didn't think of that!

  • Leaf Scoops
    Sometimes the number of leaves to pick up is just too great to vacuum, leaving us with enormous piles to manage. Disposing of them is a breeze thanks to leaf scoops. These ingenious devices are reminiscent of SCUBA flippers that increase the water displaced by a swimmer's kicks. Large claws fit on your hands to significantly increase the volume of leaves you can pick up at one time. They have the added advantage of creating a barrier between your hands and any insects that have made the pile their home. You can pick up a handy pair for between $15-30 at your local hardware store. At that price, they will quickly pay for themselves in time saved.

  • Pick-Up Rakes
    For an even larger payload than the leaf scoops offer, these two-faced rakes grab piles of leaves with a scissors action to allow you to move large piles without a lot of stooping and bending, putting unnecessary strain on your back. Long handles and lightweight make these combination raking-and-grabbing tools easy to use and easy to store with a reasonable price tag of around $40. Be careful, though; the kids may find them so fun to play with that they steal your leaf collection joy away from you!

  • Reusable Leaf Chutes
    Forget struggling with leaf bags and trying to hold them open with more leaves ending up back on the ground than in the bags. Don't work hard. Work smart! When you don't have an extra pair of hands at your disposal, these affordable boxes hold trash bags open and guide the leaves into them quickly and efficiently. The tough plastic folds flat for easy storage, and the price tag makes them a worthwhile investment. You can find them as low as $10 apiece, but there is definitely a price range for various versions.

  • Leaf Mulcher
    If you have a garden, why not turn a problem into a solution by pulverizing autumn leaves with a mulcher? Give those rich nutrients back to the soil while saving yourself the effort of hauling away the leaves. Mulchers come in a variety of sizes with multiple features available, so, as you would expect, prices vary accordingly. You can expect to find an option between $100 and $200 at your local home and garden center.

If you've been shopping for a new home in the Albany area, or are considering putting your own house on the market, contact us. Our REALTORS® look forward to helping you navigate today's housing market. 

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