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Winter Indoor Projects - Homeowners - CB Prime Properties

Colder weather might mean more time spent inside Albany homes for sale. But that doesn't mean your DIY home projects have to come to an end. There are all kinds of things you can do to complete upgrades, improve energy efficiency, or even make your surroundings a little more pleasant. Crossing a few of these projects off your to-do list this winter will be well worth the effort.

  • Keep the cold air out by sealing leaks and openings
    This is an excellent DIY project for colder weather because it will keep drafts out, making your time indoors a little cozier. And it can even help lower heating costs, limit noise, and prevent pests too. Check around windows and door frames, attic and crawl space access points, and around vents, fans, and electrical outlets. Those are just a few of the places cold air can get in. For a list of other places to check, visit
  • Install a programmable thermostat
    More energy savings here. You can program it for different times of the day or different programs for different days. It's also an upgrade that buyers really appreciate, so keep that in mind if you'll be selling in the near future.

  • Add a fresh coat of paint
    This is a relatively easy upgrade that brightens any room of the house. As an added bonus, lower humidity during the winter months means faster drying times and a better overall result for your efforts. Be aware, though, that leaving windows open for ventilation could take a toll on your heating bill. In addition, the temperature in your home should stay at 60 degrees F or above for proper paint adherence.

  • Upgrade your laundry room
    You can make this a quick and easy project by adding peel and stick wall covering, shelves and stylish containers for storage, and a few colorful accents. 

  • Change HVAC filters and smoke detector batteries
    You need to do it every once in a while, so why not now? It won't take long, but the peace of mind it offers is a huge plus. 

  • Switch out drawer and cabinet hardware
    This little thing can really change the look of a room. And no matter what your style, there's a huge variety to choose from.
  • Replace old bulbs and fixtures with LEDs
    This is another quick, easy, and budget-friendly project. And you'll save energy and money too. 

  • Change out the bathroom faucet and fixtures
    A new finish in a room can give it a refresh without doing a big remodel or spending lots of money. Find towel racks, a toilet paper holder, and a shower rod that match the faucet, and you've got a great new look.

These indoor winter projects can make your home more pleasant inside, add function, and even help you get a head start when selling your home in the future. If you're ready to sell your home or buy a new one, our real estate agents at Coldwell Banker Prime Properties can help. Contact us today to find out what our team can do for you.

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