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Oh, the frustration! Our real estate agents helped you find a great house with plenty of garage space, but now you're looking at an ocean of boxes and bins with no room to even park your car. It's OK. Take a deep breath and get organized. Before you opt to spend even more money on a storage unit somewhere, take some time to maximize the space you already have.

  • Take Out the Trash
    You know you planned not to move junk into your new house, but exhaustion took over, and suddenly you have box upon box of unidentified stuff. Now is the time to rid yourself of it once and for all. Go through every container and sort the contents into toss, keep, and sell or donate. Just because something is "perfectly good," it isn't necessarily good for you. Get rid of what you don't need or truly want. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, we only use about 20% of the items we keep!

  • Survey What Remains
    If you have been perfectly honest with yourself in the first step, you'll probably have cleared the vast majority of goods. Some of the things you wish to keep have probably already made their way to the appropriate storage space. The bulk of the remainder probably includes seasonal decor, sporting goods, tools, and supplies. Determine the best way things should be stored and create a plan, including the draft of a floorplan.

  • Repack Seasonal Items
    Ditch any remaining cardboard boxes and purchase plastic storage bins that are the same size and stackable. This includes electrical cords and timers. No matter how neatly you wind them, you can never stack them neatly. Since these are the items you use with the least frequency, store them in the least accessible spaces. To prevent frantic searches later, label everything clearly. Be sure to label each side and top of the bins.

  • Store Vertically
    Garden tools can be hung on hooks along the wall. Pegboard works well for small tools like hammers and pliers. Chaotic sporting goods like basketballs and baseball bats can be corraled in bungee cord cages. Racks work well for archery equipment and fishing poles. These items can be purchased ready-made, but there are plenty of DIY options if you are so inclined. Keep looking up at the space near the ceiling. Is there room for overhead shelving that won't interfere with the garage door? Are there rafters good for storing ladders? Investigate bike hooks and racks that mount on the studs or rafters. 

  • What's Left?
    Chances are, you have a few clumsy items like lawnmowers and leaf blowers that don't seem to fit anywhere. The best you can do is define an area that will keep them close to the wall, easy to access, and out of the way. That may be your most difficult challenge, but now that the garage is almost empty, such a place may be easier to spot. You're probably looking at many random items like cleaning supplies, cans of paint, and even household supplies like paper towels and toilet tissue. These are best managed by installing shelving along the walls. You don't have to secure them to the walls if you purchase free-standing storage shelves and bins at your local home improvement store. 

Voila! Isn't it wonderful that you now have enough room in your garage for your vehicle? If you're in the market for a home with a garage, there are plenty of Albany homes for sale that can fill your needs. Contact us to explore your options.

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