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Turning your backyard patio into a relaxing outdoor space is easy. By adding lush greenery, colorful flowers, and decorative pots, you can make your patio feel like a tropical oasis. Whether you enjoy backyard parties or reading a good book, our real estate agents know that beautiful plants add design appeal and relaxing atmosphere to any patio.

When buying patio plants, it's important to choose wisely. Just because you like the look, the plants you choose may not thrive on your patio. To create a sustainable outdoor environment, you need to choose the right patio plants for Albany homes for sale. Here are some things to consider.

  • Climate and Weather Conditions
    If you're an Albany homeowner, you can expect warm and wet summers, cold and snowy winters, and partly cloudy, humid days throughout the year. Temperatures can range from 17 degrees to 91 degrees Fahrenheit during all four seasons. You may have beautiful blooms during spring and summer, but you'll need hardier plants to survive fall and winter temperatures.

    Spring bulbs and colorful annuals and perennials can add a brilliant pop of color to your patio during spring and summer. Spring bulbs must be planted in the fall to bloom the following spring. Most bulbs and perennials will return year after year, but annuals must be replanted each season.

  • Sun and Shade
    Whether you choose flowering plants or lush greenery, you must consider the amount of sun and shade your patio gets throughout the day. Luckily, there's a variety of beautiful sun and shade plants to choose from.

Sun Lovers

    • Geraniums – Geraniums are annuals that come in a variety of vibrant colors like pink, red, violet, yellow, and orange. When planted in the spring, they will bloom through summer and early fall with minimal care and sporadic watering.

    • Million Bells – If your patio gets full to partial sun, million bells grow well in containers with good drainage and regular watering. They produce single, double, or ruffled blooms in spectacular colors that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

    • Petunias – Petunias will thrive in full to partial sun, but you may need to give them some shade during hot summer weather. They are easy to grow and come in various sizes and beautiful colors.

Shade Lovers

    • Begonias – With over 1,800 species, begonias are popular choices for shady patios. They come with different leaf shapes and textures and flowers in shades of neon-bright colors. Begonias are hardy bloomers during spring and summer in full or partial shade with regular water.

    • Impatiens – These plants have been a shade favorite for decades because they thrive in the deepest, darkest shade. Impatiens produce single and double-petal flowers in shades of white, pink, salmon, red, and purple. They make great patio plants in pots and hanging baskets.

    • Ferns – Ferns are great for shady patios. Asparagus ferns, Boston ferns, and Maiden Hair ferns thrive in full or partial shade, but the Kimberly Queen fern will tolerate some sun. Most ferns grow rapidly, doing well in large pots and urns.

  • Backyard View and Privacy
    If you have unappealing backyard views or lack of privacy, large patio plants and containers can help. To block views and increase privacy, you can create a barrier with a row of tall plants or creeping vines along the patio border. Large containers that can accommodate a small tree can also help enclose your patio space and create screening for privacy and traffic noise.

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