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Outdoor Cleaning Tips - Homeowners - CB Prime Properties

If you love outdoor barbecues, parties, and bonfires, you know you must regularly clean your yard and outdoor furniture. You may be tempted to postpone cleaning the outdoors, but this gives dirt and grime more time to stick on patio furniture, grills, windows, and other areas. Luckily, our real estate agents have compiled their top outdoor cleaning tips below.

  1. Buy a Pressure Washer
    Hand scrubbing the patio, deck, and other outdoor areas uses up a lot of time as you try to remove stubborn stains. A pressure washer makes your work easier by using powerful water jets to dislodge dirt from various surfaces in your home's exterior.

    If you are anxious about using a pressure washer, start with the driveway, as it is less likely to get damaged by the equipment. Modern pressure washers have several spray settings that control the amount of delivered water. Use a low setting for the siding and wooden surfaces, and don't linger for too long. You can use plain water or cleaning solutions with a pressure washer, depending on how dirty your surfaces are.

  2. Clean BBQ Grills with Ammonia
    Grilled meals like ribs, burgers, and hot dogs are summer staples, but they leave excess grease on your grill. Scrubbing the grill grates with soapy water takes a lot of time, but household ammonia is an excellent degreaser for grimy grills.

    However, ammonia irritates the skin and is quite intense, so you must be careful when using it to clean your grill. First, assemble the ammonia, rubber clothes, a large plastic bag with twist ties, and safety glasses.

    Use a soft brush to free food particles from the grill grates and place them in the trash bag. Then, pour a cup of ammonia into the bag, quickly seal it lightly, and leave it for 24 hours. The fumes from the bag will be strong, so wear safety glasses and look the other way when you open the bag. Scrub the grills lightly, rinse them, and dispose of the ammonia down the sink.

  3. Use Household Products
    Baking soda, vinegar, tea tree oil, and lemon juice are the top household products that simplify your cleaning efforts. Homeowners are increasingly becoming eco-conscious, and using harmless cleaning solutions is one way to reduce your consumption of toxic cleaners.

    For instance, mixing seven parts water and three parts white vinegar forms a powerful cleaning solution for vinyl siding. Water and tea tree oil remove dirt from cushions, while baking soda helps you scrub the grime from the grills.

    You can make a strong window cleaning solution with vinegar or lemon juice, water, and liquid dish detergent but use microfiber cloths to avoid leaving dirty streaks. A few drops of your cherished essential oil dilute the lemon juice or vinegar smell. Safety is paramount when cleaning outdoor windows, so ask someone to hold the ladder when you wipe off the dirt and smudges.

  4. Scrub Garden Pots with Dish Soap
    Many people skip garden pots because they already hold soil when cleaning their yards. However, pests, bacteria, and minerals can destroy your plants' optimal environment.

    First, use a stiff brush to dislodge loose dirt from a pot's exterior and interior. Soak the pots in a solution of dish soap, water, and one cup of vinegar, and brush all the debris. Finally, rinse the garden pots and keep them out in the sun to dry.

  5. Purchase the Equipment
    Cleaning the outdoors becomes more effortless with pressure washers, floor scrubs, cobweb dusters, and other equipment, but you need the right tools. For instance, a long-reach squeegee fitted with a microfiber cloth and a flexible head helps you safely scrub your windows. Ladders, yard brooms, sprayers, and garden hoses are other tools that save you time during cleaning day.

If your family loves outdoor activities, the above tips will help you keep your backyard clean and sparkling. Contact us today to explore Albany homes for sale with spacious outdoor spaces.

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