10 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holiday Season!

While it may seem like weather and the holidays would be a deterrent for home buyers, it turns out there are many reasons that make it a GREAT time to list!

1.   There is less competition from other sellers, making your home stand out.

2.   Fewer options also means better chance of a higher offer.

3.  Wintertime prospects are more motivated, they have to move!

4.  Holiday decorating makes your home show better.

5.  Statistics show that this season has one of the highest listings-sold listings-taken ratios

6.  Your holiday festivities do not have to be impaced; you may restrict showings during your personal family events.

7.  Also, you may have the option to negotiate a delayed closing or extending occupancy until the beginning of the new year.

8.  More buyers have time off, giving them more time to house-hunt.

9.  January is traditionally the biggest corporate transferee month, and since most can't wait until spring, you must be on the market to capture this type of buyer.

10.  Getting your home sold in winter positions you to find your next home in the spring.


Bonnie Sindel

Bonnie Sindel

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