What My Clients Are Saying About Me

"To all prospective home buyers or sellers,

My wife and I listed our prior home with a local realtor for six months with no success. After a frustrating process, we decided to take our property off the market. That's when we received a call from Brian Ward. Within days we had a full asking price offer on our home from an interested buyer. It sold, and the process went as smooth as one could wish.

At that point, we were on the hunt for a new property for ourselves. Again, struggling to find what we wanted, we decided to reach out to Brian.

He was glad to assist us. His professionalism and expertise benefited us greatly. His "no pressure" attitude was refreshing in such a "dog eat dog" environment.  Brian exhibited extreme patience with our indecisiveness. After showing us a slew of properties, most of which we chose ourselves, Brian found the home of our dreams!  The sale went off without a hitch.

My wife and I would recommend Brian Ward to anyone who is interested in an experienced realtor with a great demeanor."

John and Kari

"The general consensus is that finding your first home is the fun part of the purchasing process; however, when you have a two week dead line the fun seems to dwindle away. In the midst of securing a lender, canvassing potential neighborhoods, scheduling viewings and attending opens houses, it became evident that we needed to interview several local real-estate agents. After speaking to a variety of real estate agents that friends had referred to us, none of them made us feel as if we where the priority, nor put forth the skill, tenacity, and knowledge of the Albany area as Brian Ward. Brian’s experience, professionalism, certifications, use of technology, and most importantly calm and perseverance to close the deal made the journey so much more rewarding. His ability to listen to the needs we articulated, as well as to observe our nonverbal queues upon visiting a property made the process go quickly, as he only showed us property with the most potential to suit our needs.


Once we found what we knew would be our new home, Brian helped us put forth the most appropriate offer. He reinforced the importance of our comfort with the purchase price, condition of the home, and terms of the deal. Throughout the negotiating process, Brian was there to make sure the transaction went through smoothly, calling us several times weekly for updates.


The home buying process has many ups and downs; Brian’s can-do attitude, coupled with his comprehensive knowledge of the field contributed to the success of our purchasing process. Brian cares about his clients and has a great personal touch. He takes the time to understand the requirements, wants, and needs of his clients. Today we are happy to say we have a really beautiful house to call our first home. Months later Brian and his wife joined us in celebration at our housewarming party, and communicates regularly via e-mail and though hand written cards he is not only our purchasing agent but an individual who we consider a life long friend."


 --Sean Brown and Dana Henson




I originally contacted Brian to assist in selling my parent's home where they had lived

 for 50 years.  Needless to say it was a very emotional time for me, having lost my

 mother that year and placing my Dad in an assisted living facility.  That home was a

 place where years of memories were stored and although it was time to allow another

 family to live there it was also a very sad point in my life.  My parents were not "fixer-

 uppers" so there was much work needed to the home which my family was not in the

 position to do.  Brian understood our situation and worked with us to identify the

 positive aspects of the house, i.e., single-owed home, wonderful location, lovely lot, etc

 and he worked with us every step of the way to ensure that the home was appropriately

 priced to sell and that we took the necessary steps to ensure the home was well

 represented.  We were continuously informed of the activity of house showings and the

 feedback from potential buyers.  Brian successfully found new owners for our home

 who could give it the attention it needed, at a time that was not ideal for the house

 selling market.  As a bonus, the new owners are a lovely younger family and it gives me

 peace of mind to see a new beginning for our seasoned home.


--Terri Ramos




Brian Ward assisted me and my family during a very frustrating process of selling and buying a home. I had my house on the market for 6mo's with a different realtor with no success. After the 6mo period had ended, I had my home for sale by owner. That was when I received a random phone call from Brian with a prospective buyer for me. All went well and just like that my house was sold at a great price thanks to Brian. After the sale of my house I was on the prowl for a new home for my family. Brian was extremely patient and spent many hours with me showing me numerous homes. I almost settled for homes that I was not keen on, simply out of frustration. However, Brian talked me out of making a bad mistake. Instead of getting me into a less than adequate home, he steered me in a different direction. (He easily could have pushed me to buy one of these other homes, and collected his paycheck). But he remained patient and professional, and my family and I are now in our Dream Home. None of this would have been possible without Brian's expertise. I highly recommend Brian Ward to anyone who is looking for a friendly, yet professional realtor who has been around the block.


--John Pepe




“Before I met Brian I thought I could sell my house without a realtor. After several months

 of trying to do it on my own and no activity, I realized I was in over my head. Once I

 decided to let Brian handle my listing I immediately saw the benefits of having a

 professional team on my side. He not only gave me ideas to help better the curbside and

 indoor appeal of my house, but I saw instant activity as Brian brought a large list of

 potential buyers to look at the house. In today’s tough real estate market you definitely

 need all the help you can get and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better and more

 professional than Brian to help me sell my house. I give Brian and his team my highest



--Andrew J. Kaufman



"We want to take this opportunity to thank you for representing us in the sale of our property in Albany . As you know, another agent had the property listed for 9 months with little action and in a time of recession with a house for sale on every street, you were most attentive and persistant on our behalf.

Thank you again!"


--Rose and Finn Cleary




Brian Ward was on target with showing me the possibilities within my price range and

 always kept me up to date with new properties being listed.  Kind, courteous and

 knowledgeable, he was always doing his best to find the property which would best fit

 all of my needs. With his help, I was able to move into a wonderful house in a

 wonderful neighborhood and make it my home.


  --Timothy Carey




"Working with Brian has been wonderful experience. As first time home buyers we came across numerous agents but Brian was the first to really make an impression. His friendly demeanor and eagerness to provide us with as much information and tools we needed in our search became an invaluable asset. Brian was diligent in gathering multiple possibilities and very punctual in the coordination between the showings and the potential sellers. He was also patient with us, taking the time to answer our many questions and discuss our options and figure out what exactly we were looking for. When it came down to negotiating, he provided us with some very useful resources that assisted in an aggressive yet reasonable offer.

We highly recommend Brian for anyone that’s looking to purchase a home. With a wealth of experience and knowledge behind him, there’s a reason why he has been doing this for over 25 years and potential buyers can feel confident knowing they have him in their corner."


-Brian and Jackie




"My wife and I are first time home buyers, and being first time home buyers neither of us knew a lot about the process. Brian Ward was a tremendous help to us. He was always available to answer our calls and give us answers. Brian made the process very easy on us and enjoyable. We would recommend Brian to anyone. Again, we would like to thank Coldwell Banker and Brian Ward for their expertise and professionalism."


--Matt and Susan




"Brian Ward possesses a rare combination of market savvy, common sense and compassion for his clients.  I have been represented by him twice, once as a buyer and once as a seller, and in both cases he proved himself an expert negotiator with a keen sense not only of what the market will bear but also what his counterpart would be willing to do to reach a deal.  I came out on top in both negotiations. I would trust him with any real estate deal, large or small.  He’s also good man with a sense of humor, which makes the ordeal of buying or selling a house a lot easier to endure."


 -- James C. McKinley Jr.




"After months of trying to sell our house by owner and two offers that never made it to a committed contract, we decided it was time to call in a professional.  Brian Ward has been a prominent realtor in the Capital District for decades and his highly-esteemed reputation and experience made it an easy choice for us to place our trust in him.  Brian was honest with us and priced our house fairly for the market.   Within five weeks Brian had presented us with two offers, one being over asking price, which we accepted.  Brian was always easily accessible and his professional guidance and expertise prepared us for what turned out to be a smooth transition in the sale of our home.  We would highly recommend Brian as a realtor and are thankful that we placed our confidence in him. "


--Bill and Mary Anne Clark

Brian J. Ward

Brian J. Ward

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