Capital District Habitat ReStore (Fuller Road)

I have been shopping at the Habitat Re-Store for years now and I can honestly say that I am like a kid on Christmas morning when I walk through their doors. If you have never been, you don't know what you're missing.

Now there are many ways that you can be involved with this great organization. The easiest way is to just go there and purchase second hand furniture, appliances, or building materials at a fraction of their original cost. That money goes toward helping a local family get the chance to build their own home and start building equity as opposed to paying rent for the rest of their lives. By purchasing some cabinets or a used dish washer, you are also diverting that material from entering the waste stream. It's a win-win situation that more of us should be involved in. 

When renovating your home, think about donating some of the materials to the Re-Store. You will keep that material out of the dump, spend less on the removal of said material, give a family a chance to purchase it for next to nothing, and on top of it all, receive a tax write off for your donation!

Their new location is at 70 Fuller Rd, just past SUNY Albany and the I-90 overpass. When you hit rail road ave, you are almost there. Check out their facebook page for the most recent deliveries and go have fun!

Capital District Re-Store Facebook Page

Hours of operation are as follows:

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- 10-5

Wednesday- 10-5
Thursday- 10-7

Friday- 10-5

Saturday- 10-5
Sunday- Closed


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