What a BUYER'S AGENT is.

Many home buyers today aren't sure were to get started.  Some are first time buyers who have never gone through the process and others are folks that haven't moved in year, and things today are much different from when they purchased last.  I want to talk a little bit about what a buyer's agent is and how that can help you.

Just as homes are represented by a real estate agent, today buyers are often represented by an agent.  Normally the first time a buyer thinks when they hear that is ... "how much does that cost?".  Well the great thing is the seller normally pays for both real estate agents involved in a transaction.  The buyer's agent's commission is predetermined by the seller and listing agent when they list the property.  So don't worry about the money... now listen to the benefits...

A buyer's agent will become your go to person on your property search.  They will show you homes, and talk you about all aspect of each home.  Your buyer's agent will point out the pros and cons of each home.

Your buyer's agent will be able to expose you to the entire local market and all of the homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service.  This is where real estate companies share information on all of the properties they represent. 

Your buyer's agent will discuss property re-sale.  In other words, depending on how long you plan to live in a home it is often important to understand what type of demand could be there for your home when you sell in the future.

Now here is the most important thing your buyer's agent will do for you... They will help you write an offer with your best interest in mind, keep your bargaining and financial position confidential, and negotiate the right price for you.

Remember the seller has an agent working for them, and they are willing to pay for you to have your own agent so take advantage of that.  Choose an agent that you trust and work with them closely.

Trust me in the end you will be happy you had a buyer's agent. 

Christopher Culihan

Christopher Culihan

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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