Capital District 30 Day Market Stats

New Listings: 1431?19%


Sales Pending: 2700?10%


Homes Sold: 1139 ?4%


Expired Listings: 330?30%





The latest market stats are a great indicator of what is to come and where the local market is headed. When new listings are on the rise it typically means that the market is headed in a positive direction and buyers will soon be on the hunt for their new home! This past month all the starts are up with expired listings almost even. The Capital District market is still going strong and looking to hold on throughout the summer months!


New listings and Pending sales are slowly declining which is typical as summer winds down and buyers are getting ready for the new school year to start. This typically means strong sales numbers and quicker sold times due to buyers wanting to wrap up their purchase before the fall. Sold properties are still up due to the fabulous market we had this year and it looks like we will continue to have for awhile. Interest rates remain surprisingly low with an average of around 4% for a 30yr. fixed. 2015 is shaping up to be the best year the real estate market has seen since 2007, a trend which we would all like to see continue!


Cindy Gotobed

Cindy Gotobed

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