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Hello fellow flower lovers!

I fell in love with my current home because I could envision great gardens.  My kids call it the 'garden house' for a reason!  Am I a master gardener? No.  But I love moving plants, building gardens and watching what blooms!  I am grateful for every minute mother nature gives me to be outside and I will share a bit of what I love with you.  I believe that work should be something you love to do, and that whatever that 'work' is should be flexible to take into consideration your families needs.  I am a realtor!  I love what I do, and I have time to take care of my family and play in my gardens as well!  My goal through my gardening blogs is to share things I have learned about gardening!  I am always eager to share a piece of my garden as well.  If someone wants to swap a perennial, I am all for it!  Just give me a call, or shoot me an email!!

Whatever kind of garden you choose to have, you need a plan.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.  

If you want a very deliberate garden (I don't have this style of gardens!) you will want to put down weed barrier and cut holes and plant in them...and mulch on top.  If you want a more country garden like mine, you want to make sure your plants have room to spread, but not so much room that weeds will take over!  Nothing is can move things around, so just experiment and watch what they do!  

Two tips....One, always dead head after your plants bloom.  Keeps the plant strong, and looks nice as well.  

Second tip I learned last weekend from a woman at a bed and breakfast I stayed at.  I told her I am terrible at growing roses.  She said to throw banana peels at the base and they will be great.  So....I made banana bread yesterday, and guess where the peels went?  Yes, under the roses.

Until next time....


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