Just a reminder that curb appeal is HUGE!  When i send buyers out to drive by a home they may want to see, it is important that you have it cleaned up and tidy.  When i drive by homes with old dead Christmas trees out front and lights half hanging off the house it makes me wonder if the inside is kept up.  Don't let buyers keep driving by.....make them want to come in and see your home! 


If you haven't cleaned up your gardens yet, now is the time.  Get all of the dead off them before the new growth pops through and you are damaging the new growth by removing the old.  I always remove all of the dead so that mold spores don't stick around and come back again.  Also be careful out there with ticks!  Mild winters mean ticks galore...so wear gloves, boots and pants when out in the garden. 


Happy Spring!

Colleen Bailey

Colleen Bailey

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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