Spring is HERE!

I think most of us would agree that it is about time Spring has arrived!

This post is about two weeks late, so hopefully you already have your gardens cleared, but if not...I would get out there and get the dead foliage out of the way so your perennials can come up!  Clearing off the old dead gets rid of any mold that may have been on the plants from last season.  It is hard to clear them off in the fall because many plants hold out until the bitter end and you can't clear them off until spring.  It is good to get them cleared early in the spring so that you are not damaging the new growth...and loosen up the soil around them so that they can really get a good start. 

I also start working on my vegetable garden early so that when it is time to plant, i am ready to go! I use landscape timber to edge my garden so that it is easier to mow around.  I have expanded my garden, cleaned it up from last year, and worked the soil over so it is good to go.  It is too early to plant your veggies, but if you like to plant from plants vs. seed, you can buy them now and 'babysit them' for awhile.  I like to get them early for best selection and then water and feed them myself until late May when it's safe to plant.  

I may be a bit eager to get in my gardens, but I have pansies planted in all of my plant boxes (it is ok to plant them...they can stand the chilly spring weather), i have fern baskets hanging as well!

Early spring is a great time to work on bed edging, rock walls and in my case, finish the stone walkway that I didn't get to in the Fall.

If you get all of these things done now while your plants are not up it is much easier to do...and then when summer arrives you can enjoy your gardens and have less work to do!

Happy clean up!!~

Colleen Bailey

Colleen Bailey

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