This post really should have been about a month ago, but here it is....

I like to weed whack my gardens (most of the hydrangea's tho!)in the fall.  I haul the dead away to compost so that if there are any mold spores in them they don't go back into the soil.

Winter is a great time to plan your gardening in the spring.  Check out pinterest, they have great ideas like this one that I plan to do with a fallen tree on the edge of my property:

The big tree is on the edge of the property and is rotten but has a great knot on the side.  I plan to hollow out the top and in the knot and plant hosta and other shade perennials in there!  Hens and chicks in the knot...oh it will be so unique I can't wait to do it.  

I also plan to expand my vegetable garden next year.  I had a bit of a problem with brussel sprouts.  They were skinny and tiny because I didn't realize you had to pinch the tops back all summer to make them grow.  Live and learn...

I plan to get some knitting projects done while the weather prevents me from being in my gardens...first off is making pillows from wool squares i knit several years ago!

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