How to Remove Wallpaper

Today's buyers tend to hate wallpaper. One of my listings had wallpaper in every room and buyers were totally turned off and thought it would cost a fortune to remove the wallpaper and repaint. 

Not so! It is so easy to remove wallpaper and the removal can be done rather quickly using this method. I can typically remove the wallpaper from a 12x15 room in just a few hours. Here is what you will need:

Fabric Softener

New paint roller or spray bottle

Wide putty knife

Paper Tiger


I have found that using the paper tiger especially with vinyl wallpaper is a definite advantage. Once you have scored the wallpaper with the paper tiger simply wet it down with a spray bottle filled with 1/3 fabric softener and 2/3 water. Let it soak into the paper about 3-5 minutes. If you start to remove the paper and it is resisting, respray so that it is all wet.

Go to one of the top corner edges and pull out and down on the paper. It will come down in a full sheet if you have gotten it wet enough. I have also used a new paint roller and tray to put the water on but you have to be careful that you don't press too hard on the roller or it will simply just squirt out onto the floor and won't be effective.

Simply wipe down the walls afterwards with warm water to remove any residue of glue and fabric softener. Now you are ready to paint!  The bonus is that your home will smell and look great!


So don't let that wallpaper hinder the sale of the house or even be a consideration in the offer price...remove it now and update the house in just a little while!


Cynthia Brower

Cynthia Brower

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