Part-time or Full-time Real Estate Agent

Being a Realtor in today’s real estate market is a full-time job! As a full-time Realtor I work with many buyers and sellers over the course of a year. Often, we run into changes to loan programs, mortgage requirements, appraisal issues, and so forth. Many times it is only when you have a situation that needs to be resolved that you become familiar not only with the changes, but the implications of those changes! What happens if a part-time agent is working a Monday through Friday 9-5 job and a crisis arises during working hours? Will you even be able to reach a part-time agent? Will that agent be able to spend the time required to resolve the problem? Will they be able to make the necessary phone calls or respond to the emails or texts sent to resolve the issue? Probably not...

In most cases, a full-time Realtor is in this business for the long haul! This means that you will have a Realtor who will be there for you for the entire process – from property search and  contract to the closing and even years after your closing as a valuable resource for real estate questions and concerns. Many part-time agents come and go from one year to the next, but the full-time agents remain pretty constant as this is their main source of income.

Third, a full-time Realtor will most likely have a track record you can check on! It is most likely that a part-time Realtor may only do a few transactions a year – maybe helping friends or family or buying and selling property for themselves! So if you are trying to find a Realtor to help you with your purchase or sale, don’t you want to hire someone who has a proven track record of closings and sales? You certainly wouldn't go to a doctor who is only part-time and may not have kept up with all the new technologies, trends and techniques of their profession. So why would you consider using a part-time person to help you with one of your largest financial assets – the purchase or sale of your home.

It is easy to become a Realtor . You just have to take the 40 hour licensing course, pass the state exam, pay the $50 license fee and around $1000 in dues for your local board and mls, and you are in business. BUT, does doing these things mean that everyone who does this is a good Realtor? I will bet you that every homebuyer and homeseller out there has horror stories to share about Realtors, both full-time and part-time, who did not do the best job possible for them!

Consider this...if you are a buyer, the commission is paid by the listing broker, so why wouldn’t you want to use the best possible Realtor who has the best knowledge of the current inventory and who will be there to give you the best service you can get!


If you are a seller looking to sell your home in a challenging real estate market, and if you are going to pay a commission, don’t you want to make sure you are getting the best service for your money that you can? Remember, you will get what you pay for and in this market, the challenges are great, and I don’t know that I would want a part-time agent devoting less than 100% to helping me with my real estate transaction. This is strictly my personal opinion on using a part-time Realtor vs. a full-time Realtor.

What do you think?



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