Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013!

If the last few weeks on last year and the first week of 2013 are any indication...we are heading into a wonderful year for real estate!  Very exciting for those of you who are thinking of selling and or buying.  Currently, we need a few good houses on the market as inventory is always thin around the last few days of the December.  Maybe everyone is busy  getting their resolutions written down?  In any event, prices seem stable and with little competion a seller may even get multiple offers and higher priced offers!!

Not a bad time for you considering to buy either!  rates are still lower than ever and prices again seem to be stable.  Take advantage of this great real estate market and jump in.

Local folks tend to be a bit negative about our weather ,economy, SU sports, politics... You name it,  we can be negative.  Let's start the New Year off with good positive outlooks.  It will come back to you!!   

Happy New Year!  Here's to a wonderful, healthy 2013!     

Deb Pridgen

Deb Pridgen

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