If you think the snow is gone...think again.........still a challenge seeing homes

One would "assume" that since for the most part the snow seems to be melted in the Syracuse area, that a Realtor and a buyer prospect can gain access to view homes easily.  Well, we know what happens when one "assumes". Today I had an appointment to show a property, when I arrived there was a LARGE snow bank. No problem, as always I was prepared with shovel in trunk. Snow was hard and firm and couldn't shovel it, so one would think that walking on top of it would prove fairly simple........ha! Wrong, let me tell you what a sight it was. Picture this, once making it to top of big mound of snow and almost halfway there, the next step seemed to be ordinary........then all of a sudden down I sunk, one foot up to over my hips.

True to my sense of humor I began laughing, really laughing. Brain thoughts,first; oh no, I'm in the thick of it now hope I can get out of here, then 2nd; oh my God, I feel like my Mom. For a split second I thought no, no, no, can't laugh so hard that I pee my pants.......that's just not what a professional agent does. I had to pull myself together and make it to the other side and the door to the house. The next step the same thing happened, down I sunk.........oh no, more laughter and again same thoughts...laughing so hard I recall old memories of my Mom. Is this what happens as you approach middle age? I said " Deb pull it together and get of of the darn snow bank".

At last I make it and I turn to watch the buyer navigate through my steps. Initially she was on my heels and I had my arm out for her to hang onto. One on the other side I had my associate lend her a hand. Once she began her descent, one step was all it took, and down her leg sunk.  Poor thing, she didn't have boots on and as she was trying to pull her leg out she left her shoe behind. It must be that wonderful and good natured people just naturally laugh when stuff like this happens, because the laughter started on her end, from her and her agent. I am helpless, and know exactly how she feels, I'm still laughing at myself and now this poor lady is going through the same thing. Once again, I thought "oh no, please not here".

To cut to the chase, the shoe was retrieved, she decided not to go the distance (about 8 more steps) and turned back. Not an easy task to turn around.  She ended up sitting on top of the snow bank and then layed back like a snow angel.  All the while laughter was heard from all of us. Thank goodness we all had a positive outlook, can't get mad at things you can't change, just have to move forward the best way we know how.

Now for the rest of the story, we'll go back a different day. A day without snow. Maybe in 2 weeks, we hope.

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