Safety first ~ Even Realtors experience the there danger or not?

Every day we hear news of something bad happening to good people. It happens everywhere, it doesn't matter what type of neighborhood you live in. Sometimes people don't know when there is danger. We all have intuition and gut instincts, and we need to ALWAYS listen to them. When a situation arises trust your first instinct.

A few months ago I was showing a 2 family property to my buyer and her parents. As we were entering a "vacant" house my buyer looked at me and said " Debbie, I thought you said this was vacant". At the same time as I answered "yes", I happen to look up and low and behold in the distance across the span of living and dining room there stood a startled young man. Sure wasn't going to ask any questions, instinct kicked. He was NOT suppose to be there. Indeed we were all startled, but my people and I were frightened beyond words. Without hesitation I yelled to my buyer and her parents "run"....let me tell you, you never saw 4 people turn and high tale it out the door and down the 2nd floor stairway. We made record time, and once out the front door I had to turn to lock the door, all the while looking through the full glass door at the top of the stairway, just praying that we weren't being followed.

Recently there have been reports of Realtors having suspicious " visitors" at open houses as well as posing as buyers. They do not have good intentions, they scope out a house for their own mischievous purpose. I wonder whether the general public is aware of how Realtors can easily be in harms way, we frequently hold open houses and meet with buyers to show a house. Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings.  We can all be in harms way and when you least expect it you may be in a challenging situation.  You've heard the expression "fight or flee".........flee, your safety should be first and foremost.

What lengths are Realtors to take for safety concerns? Do I write down license plate numbers or make a copy of a driver's license upon meeting someone? Possibly, not a bad idea.

As this story goes, afterwards I went out and bought pepper spray (legal), better to be prepared and sure hope I never have to use it.





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