As an experienced realtor who has been listing and selling homes for 20 years, I am often asked to give an opinion of a home's worth. What price should a seller ask? I try to view the home through a buyer's eyes. As a seller, you should do the same. Try to be objective and walk through your home. Would you buy it in its current condition? If not, what would you change?

Buyers begin at the curb. Does your lawn and landscaping look well maintained? Has your driveway been sealed recently? Are your gutters cleaned and has your front door been given a fresh coat of paint? Is there mold or mildew on the roof?  Have you put away the children's toys from the yard and picked up any droppings left from your pets? If your home on the outside looks attractive, buyers will want to come and view the inside.

Your home should look clean, de-cluttered and smell fresh. Windows should be cleaned and rooms where needed should be freshly painted. Space is very important to buyers. If you are selling your home, you must be planning on moving. Now is a great time to organize your belongings. If you are not planning on taking something with you, now is the best time to either sell it, donate it or just get rid of it.

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Some sellers chose to rent a storage unit prior to selling their home. They plan to move to a larger home (their reason for selling) and wish to take things with them. Putting things in a storage unit frees up space and makes the home they are selling appear larger.

I recently became certified as an ASP Real Estate Staging Professional. I felt this certification was necessary to assist my seller clients as they prepared their homes for sale. Staging is designed to make your home appeal to more buyers. 94.6% of ASP Staged Homes sell in 33 days or less!  Many of my sold listings that are featured on my website have been staged. They have been de-cluttered, painted in neutral or attractive colors that would appeal to most buyers and furniture arranged to show space and the best assets of each room. As important as staging is however, it cannot take the place of proper pricing.

Do you have a pet? What will you do when you have showing? It is best to make arrangements for your pet before the house goes on the market. Perhaps a family member will take care of your pet during the selling process. Maybe you have to restrict your showings when you are available to remove your pet from the home. Just keep in mind that all buyers do not own a pet and may feel uncomfortable entering your home with a pet there. Your goal is to sell your home quickly for the most amount of money possible. So keep your home smelling fresh and find a short-term solution for dealing with your family member who may happen to have 4 legs.

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Your home is ready for the market. You have priced it competitively. It looks clean from top to bottom and from inside to outside. Do a reality check on your motivation and make sure you focus on your goal: Why is my home on the market? Selling is not easy and often not convenient. If a new home or a new location is in your future, your hard work will pay off.

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