If I were to visit your home, what would I see? If I were a buyer would I consider making an offer? Today's buyer is looking for an updated home. Did you know that only 15% of buyers will actually update the home they purchase in the first 2 years they own the home? That is because money is tight for the first-time home buyer. It has taken them awhile to save for the down payment and closing costs. So when they shop, they consider the cost of updating.

What can you do as a seller to make your home more appealing to the first-time buyer? Remove wallpaper and add a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors are best and you can visit Pottery Barn and Sherwin Williams to see what colors they recommend. Don't forget the front door while you have your paint brush in your hands!

 Energy efficient appliances are a welcome addition to your older home. Check to see if you qualify for a tax savings if purchased this year. Look for sales!

How old is your roof? Roofs that are 25+ years old when the life expectancy is 30 years is a turn-off for buyers. They know if the roof passes the structural inspection, most likely the roof will only last another year or two and then it will need to be replaced. That is a big ticket item especially if other things in your home need replacement...

Add some new landscaping. Colors brighten the outside and make it more inviting!  Neighbors will mention your home to friends when they see how appealing your home looks. Shrubs and a few flowering plants often are less expensive in the Fall. September and October are a perfect time to plant some bulbs that will flower in April and May. Have trees trimmed before Winter!

Be organized. Today's buyer really loves organization... a place for kid's toys; winter boots; the computer desk, laptop and shredder; garden tools. Is your garage, mudroom and basement organized or overflowing with unpacked boxes and junk? Think space and you will please most buyers.

Clean your home. Now is the time to make those windows shine - remove spiderwebs and pine needles from entryways. If you have a pet, deodorize and have your carpets sanitized. Fresh smelling homes are so inviting.

Don't forget - you only have one chance to make a positive first impression. Make your home stand out and get it sold quickly for top dollar!

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