You are ready to purchase a home. Should you buy a resale or new construction? Let me give you a few tips if you are considering new construction. The agent that you meet at the site is representing the builder so his/her fiduciary responsibility is to that seller. You as a buyer are entitled to representation so i strongly encourage you to use a buyer's agent like myself who is certified in new construction; knows many of the site coordinators and can offer good advice as you move forward in the building process. There may be times you are uncomfortable asking about something and your buyer agent is there to be your advocate.

Building doe not happen overnight. Most often it i a 6 to 9 month process. Patience is important as selections including lot have to be made. The builder is at the mercy of the weather and closing dates may be off by a few weeks. Options may cost more than you anticipated so having the sheet explaining the standard features is very important.

No home is perfect even if you build. Everyone forgets to add something or may not be able to afford a particular feature. Think of structure first. You can always add a deck but you can't make the basement height higher unless you do that during the building process. Embrace it with a positive attitude. You will be part of a new community; you will either upsize or downsize. Everything will be new and you will receive warranties.

New construction is fun and exciting. I look forward to hearing from you if I can help you with your dream home!

Dede Olds
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