Many but not all folks just love a cute puppy or kitten. As we all know though, pets don't stay little forever! Dogs bark and shed and lots of people are allergic to cats. Birds can be noisy and messy and fish tanks don't look attractive if they are dirty or take up alot of space in a room. So, what am I trying to say here?

Pets of any sort can hinder your sale! Today I showed a home and the owner neglected to rid the front yard of the dog "business." I am confident you know what I mean. Was it any wonder the home had been on the market for a long time? What kind of first impression was that for me and for the buyers?

Getting my accreditation in Home Staging was one of the most important things I did for my real estate career. We discussed pets and the impact they have on getting a home sold. I learned a tip I will share with you: no dog or cat bowls in any of your photos! We can all have a pet and love our pet but during the selling process be vigilant. Keep your home smelling nicely. Don't disguise odors but keep your pet and home clean. This means from the front of the yard to the back of the property. Clean up after your pet and check litter boxes, dog bowls, fish tanks, bird cages, etc, right before your showing. Keep them as invisible as possible. You don't want people to pass making an offer on your home because your pet resides with you. After all, once you leave so does your pet!

Think about making special arrangements for your pet if you work away from home during the day so you do not lose a showing. Can you board your pet or arrange for a pet sitter during a showing? Children sometimes are very frightened by an unfamiliar dog and why have a buyer focus on your pet and not the home? Sometimes showing instructions will say: "Friendly Dog." My answer is usually: "Maybe to you but not necessarily to the buyer." Just in case you might think I am anti-animal, I have a beagle by the name of Dodger. I would never plan to leave her at home or in a crate should I plan to sell my home. Not fair to her or the buyers!

In summary, focus on a clean and inviting home that a buyer will see and not on a pet that might frighten them or conjure up an allergy concern. Happy Selling Season!

Submitted by,
Dede Olds,
Coldwell Banker Prime Properties
Clifton Park, NY 12065


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