Today I am going to head out to the local Polish Catholic church and get some oplatki and mail it to my family in California and Delaware. When we were growing up, we spent Christmas Eve with my Dad's parents who were Polish. Even after they passed away, we continued on the tradition of having fish, boiled potatoes, wonderful vegetables, salad and pierogi for Christmas Eve dinner. I believe my brothers continue on the tradition but unfortunately, my sons no longer do.

We attended the local Polish Catholic church and always had oplatki for Christmas Eve. My Dad would send some to his sister in Michigan, his only sibling. Oplatki is like a very thin wafer and each person gets a half a one to share with others. You go from person to person and break off a piece of their's and they break off a piece of your's. You then wish that person good health, perhaps a good school year or some other personal message. Then the wine and drinks are poured for a toast and the eating begins!

You are probably asking yourself why a realtor would write about Christmas Eve and oplatki. I believe that tradition, values, morals and stability begin at home. As a realtor, my dream would be that every American who wants to would be able to own a home. Of course that is not possible. Many Americans prefer to rent or cannot afford to own and have to rent. It is still home!

I stay in contact with many of my former clients. I like to believe that I am their "Realtor for Life." It is so refreshing for me when they tell me about the holiday traditions they have in the home that I sold to them. I can envision them in their dining room around the table or maybe watching their big screen tv above the fireplace in their great room during their annual Superbowl party.

My sons always looked forward to New Year's Day. We would splurge and buy lobster tails and have a fabulous dinner that day with the two of them. We always took the boys to chop down our Christmas tree and now I see my son, my daughter-in-law and their own son, our precious Brody lugging their big Christmas tree. My daughter-in-law says that my son just can't get out there soon enough after Thanksgiving. 

So many reasons to love our homes....the warmth, the traditions, the safe, secure feeling we get when we enter. My eldest son and his bride just purchased their home this year in San Diego. They too will begin to make memories and establish traditions. He will carry with him some things he learned here in New York and she will add her California flavor to the mix. Music will fill their home as a piano now sits there begging to be played.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and no matter what time of year, consider making memories with your loved ones! That is what homes are really all about!

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