Like most full-time realtors, I enjoy reading articles about my industry. It is a way for me to learn and hence help my clients. I have been using a professional photographer for about 3 or 4 years now. I just found that my personal photos just were not as wide as I liked; not as captivating nor colorful. Once I hired a professional, my listings sold so much quicker.

I must admit that I do stage the home first with the owner. We are always "camera ready" with no pet bowls in site; bathroom doors closed until that room is going to be photographed; all lights on and beds displaying a nice comforter.

The article that I finished reading the other day talked about "Open Houses" and today's buyers. Buyers today are busy especially in the Summer. Many people work weekends; gas is expensive and most importantly, we have all of the listings online! The article went on to say that smart realtors use professional photographers to capture the house. I felt so proud of myself that I had figured that out 4 years ago. Why attend an Open House when you can see the house online? Which homes get the most showings? The ones that have been professional photographed. Why wouldn't they? I meet my photographer at the house. I know which shots he is taking. I call his attention to something special like a garden, gazebo, a view from the second floor to the first and my list could go on and on.

My photographer then uses the photos for the virtual tour. I use my creative writing skills to do an enhanced version of the home for the MLS remarks and my website and of course all other websites and I must admit, we do get showings. Sale time is well below most other realtors. 

If you are thinking of listing your home this Fall, think twice about an Open House where you have no idea who is coming and consider having your home professionally photographer. The qualified buyer will most likely make an appointment to see your home!

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Dede Olds
Associate Broker and Stager
Coldwell Banker Prime Properties 

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