I think I may have written a similar blog about homes talking in the past but I think it is definitely worth repeating now that Spring is here. If your home could talk what do you think it would say about you and your family? I often wonder that when I show homes to buyers.

Buyers arrive sometimes and find dog business all over the lawn. Guess that might not be a very pretty picture for some of you but we ran into that yesterday. We saw a vacant home with notes all over the front door; dirty laundry piled high in another home and clutter everywhere. Then we saw some sweet homes with flowers on the kitchen table and backyards already raked and lawn furniture on display.

I was advising a buyer that if a home was a mess, obviously neglected and in visible need of repair what do you think we could not see? That certainly led to an interesting conversation for a few minutes. A realtor's job when representing a buyer is to point out things that might need updating or repair. We are not structural engineers. We do know though repairs cost money. Neglect affects market value.

When we represent a seller, we should also share with the seller how important a first impression truly is when trying to capture the buyer. A well kept home that is clean, tidy, de-cluttered and properly maintained will sell more quickly and for a higher price. Before you put your home on the market, think about what your home would say about you? Would it say that you have taken care of it...serviced the furnace, the air conditioning unit? When was the last time you had your rugs cleaned or washed your windows? Spring is here and the weather is getting nicer. Put yourself and your family to work. Make your home proud and increase its value! Plant some nice annuals. Have the siding washed and the roof checked. You and your home will be very proud when you are done!!!

I hope you will visit my website and look at my virtual tours. The sellers I represent all take pride in their homes and I think the pictures and tours will prove that to you!


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