Funny what realtors think about as they show homes or preview a home with a seller or buyer.  The other day I was with a buyer and we wondered what a particular house would say if it could talk. I often think about that when I look at homes. Oh the things that house has seen, heard and what it could tell me. Sometimes I show homes that are over a hundred years old...imagine the history in that home. Let me be a bit more philosophical though and try to tie it in to the selling process.

Does your home feel loved or cared for from the front yard to the backyard? Have you maintained your home or just kind of let it go? Have you made it a priority to do something every year to enhance your home? How about little things that don't cost much money like picking up after the dog or planting some tulips in the Fall or trimming the trees or painting the front door? Are you waiting to sell before you bother to update and then have to spend a fortune to do it all at once? Are you expecting the new buyer to do what you should have been doing for the past 10 or 20 years? Did you know that only 15% of buyers make a change to the house in the first two years after they purchase? That's because it costs so much for the down payment and closing costs so that they don't have much left to update a house. No wonder they flock to the updated or newer home.

Last weekend I went to visit my son, daughter-in-law and baby Brody in Delaware. If that house could talk I think it would bubble over with joy! They can't wait to decorate for every holiday. They are probably the first ones on the block with the Christmas tree up! I took the baby for a walk and Adam mowed the lawn and Jenna did the laundry. Since they have been there the office has magnificently been decorated into Brody's playroom and the basement has been carpeted for informal fun. Sundays are "Fundays" with friends coming over for football and the next weekend they are off to share the same activity at another home. The little kids have matching "Sunday " tshirts and hugs are given freely even though the kids may have seen each other a few days before!

When I sell a home, I hope I am selling a lifestyle. I hope that the home is filled with happy memories and that  the challenging times are few. It doesn't matter to me if my client is single, married, old, young or whatever. I wish for them a great experience and a happy home filled with laughter and friends...great neighbors and I hope they treat their home well and care for it from the day they move in to the day they leave! I hope that if it could talk it would say it was loved just like the people who lived in it!

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