Are you a buyer in search of a home? Do you ever think about the person whose home you are previewing? Many agents ask sellers to remove photos so a buyer focuses on the floor plan and the features of the home and not on the family that resides there.

Why do you think I am asking this question? If a seller is really motivated to sell their home, they are going to make sure it shows well when you come to view it. The driveway and sidewalk will be clear of ice and snow. The home itself will be clean. As we are now in the middle of winter, the heat will be set at a welcoming temperature and the lights will be on for you. If they have a pet, the bowls and litter boxes will be placed in a discreet location. The sellers will leave the home often with their children and their pet to give you time to look at their home.

What should you do for the seller? Many of you are wondering why you have obligations. As a buyer, you should make sure you are qualified to purchase the home you are seeing. Before you call an agent, you should meet with a lender and have a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter. When you enter the home, you should respect that someone lives there.

As agents, we are obligated to give "feed-back" after all showings. The seller wants to know if the buyer is interested in their home. They want to know what you liked and did not like. What is preventing you from making an offer. What they can possibly do to enhance their home to secure an offer and sale. They do not want to hear that the person previewing their home is "not qualified" to purchase it. They wonder why an agent would show it to someone who cannot afford it. They are so disappointed that they went through the effort of cleaning, perhaps placing their pet in doggy day care only to find out the buyer is in no position to buy it. How would you feel if you were the seller?

Happy house hunting. It is a great time to purchase. Rates are low and the inventory is increasing daily. Don't forget that buyers most often turn into sellers one day!



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