My eldest  son came home last summer to visit from his home in California and he immediately wanted to visit his favorite spots. Country Drive In where he and his brother enjoyed many cones, burgers and mind blenders. After we drove to Ravenswood for wings, passing his high school, he wanted to take the back way home. He let me know that he and his best friend would challenge each other to see who would get home sooner by going the back way or using I-87 (the Northway).

My son has not lived home since he left for the University of Southern California quite a few years ago. San Diego is his “hometown” now and he can’t even imagine leaving it. He married there just a year and a half ago and now owns his own home. I could still feel his nostalgia though as he visited the places where he spent his youth, playing varsity tennis, street hockey, swimming at the town pool and walking between the middle school and the high school to take Latin. I know he was thinking about his close friends and letting me know how green it is here compared to California. He was awed by the beauty of the Adirondacks and the history of the Saratoga Race Track.

So many people tell me how lucky my son is to live in San Diego. Hard to fight them on that one. The ocean that seems to be five minutes away. The perfect weather and the ability to have dinner outside in January. Outside farmer markets all year long and golf on Thanksgiving Day.

As a realtor, I will meet  buyers with a little baby moving back to this area and I am often surprised. Their response always is that they want to come “home.” Their parents are still here and they want their children to be close to grandparents. I will have clients who move to Florida and end up purchasing a condo or townhouse in this area. They miss their grandchildren too much; their friends; the race track in July and August so they spend 4 months in a warmer climate and come “home” for the rest of the year.

No matter where you live, when most of us think of “home” hopefully it conjures up wonderful memories. For me, I think about family for the holidays, watching my sons play varsity soccer and tennis,  Chuckie Cheese on Friday nights when they were little or Hoffman Playland. Decorating a Christmas tree and getting our one and only dog, “Dodger.” Planning our Disney trips and the sad day they left for college and I knew that they would find jobs in California and most likely Philadelphia. I knew then though that as parents we did a good job. They both got a great education, excellent jobs and found a new “hometown.”

Whether you travel by car, train or airplane, most people wish for one thing….getting home. They most likely enjoyed their vacation, visiting family, the challenges of their job or are relieved to pull into their driveway after their scaring experience driving in bad weather  or visiting the doctor. “Home” means safety and family and maybe a pet to welcome you at the door. As a realtor it gives me the greatest satisfaction to know that I helped an individual or family find a “home” and maybe even a new “hometown.” I love my hometown and if you are considering a move to this area, I would be glad to share the wonderfulness of it with you.
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