Winter selling season is here. It certainly presents some challenges in Clifton Park, New York where I live and the northeast in particular. You never know what the weather might bring so I would encourage you to be prepared!

Homes sell every day of the year even holidays! Showcase your home from the driveway to the deck or patio. Make it inviting with lighting, heat and easy access. How do you do that you might ask?

First of all, arrange to have your driveway and walkway cleared of snow and ice. If you cannot get home, hire a service or maybe a teenage neighbor to shovel and put down ice melt for you. If your home is vacant do not assume that your service arrived. Give them a call to make sure they were there or check with your neighbor.

If you cannot be home to leave lights on for the showing, set timers to come on around 4 p.m. Make sure your home is warm. Buyers and agents will leave quickly if the house is cold. A lit fireplace always makes a pretty impression. If you have a deck or patio, buyers may want to take a look. This winter you will have to also keep that area clean. Remember you are not just selling your home. You are selling the yard, the deck or patio and you want the buyers to picture themselves grilling in the summer! If you have photos of your yard or pool when the weather was nicer, you might want to leave those out for viewing!

Homes that are closed up all winter start to smell stale after awhile. I would encourage you to open the windows for a few minutes once in awhile especially if you have pets. Air the home out! Bring in some fresh evergreens from your yard. Never leave pet bowls visible and make sure cat litter boxes are clean! Do not overwhelm or try to disguise odors with heavy candle smells. Cleanliness and fresh scents work best!

Don't forget to leave a mat for buyer boots. Booties can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot and buyers can easily slip those on when previewing your home. Try to accommodate buyers. They may only be in town for one day. Making them wait to see your home could cost you a sale. Don't forget...your home is "on the market." 

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