You never know when you may have to sell! Trust me those are words of wisdom from your realtor. I have seen people have to move after only being in a home 3 months. A fabulous job opportunity comes along and they just can't pass it up. You meet the love of your life and have to sell your condo because you want to buy something together. You win the lottery and need a bigger home (i had a client who sold her home to a NYS lottery winner early on in my real estate career).

I always wish the news would be good when I visit a seller. Sometimes it just is not positive. A sudden divorce; a home fire (I saw a home burning in Clifton Park this year and then the" For Sale"signed appeared a few months later); elderly people who cannot go up to the second floor anymore and must move to a ranch or assisted living. The reasons for selling are endless.

So I wonder what you are doing in September. Perhaps getting your children back to school. Putting away the lawn furniture or closing your swimming pool. Maybe a final vacation or a week-end get away before Fall arrives. Shopping for Halloween decorations. Heading back to the gym.

September at my house means getting ready to sell even though I probably won't be this year. Painting the front door again because I won't be able to do it all winter. Washing the windows; scheduling the guy who cleans my gutters and planting grass in the bare spots on my lawn. This year I am definitely going to put some tulip bulbs into the ground. I have been saying that for a few years now but this is definitely the year! I know I wll be so excited when Spring comes and I see them blooming. I have already scheduled the driveway to be sealed.

Inside work can wait. Winter is kind of long here. Closets and basements and garages are jobs for October, November and December. If you do have to sell in January, February or March, think of how excited you will be knowing that your front door has been freshly painted. Your windows will sparkle and you can tell the buyers that your driveway was just sealed in the Fall.

September should be fun....the days are usually sunny and warm with cool evenings. We should all enjoy those last beautiful days of Summer as we begin to see the leaves turn from glorious green to deep red and gold. Spend a few hours though getting your home ready just in case you have to sell. You never know!

Dede Olds
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