Do you like to travel? I do! Not so much crazy about the airplane as much as I am about the journey and usually the vacation or event.  This past year for some reason I have travelled much more than usual. A business trip here and a graduation added to the mix and I am on the plane a bit more than I expected. Hard for me to leave my real estate practice but it sure feels good to get away. 

This December found me California bound. Heading West for the holidays..up and down the coast to see my family. Added in some house hunting. Decided I will definitely get my California Real Estate license online.  I always wonder who my seatmate will be - man, woman,  tall, short, college student, businessman, a talker or someone who will just let me daydream or read my book. As much as the trip is an adventure, so is my seatmate. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else thinks the way I do. Probably not!

Heading home from California to Chicago, I arrived at my seat only to discover that someone was already in it. I guess that kind of  made a statement. The woman moved over and we began to talk. Seems my profession always comes up in conversation. I am either asked what I do for a living or I volunteer the information when the timing is right. I guess once a salesperson always a salesperson. Anyway, my female seatmate who looked liked she used to be a model was a beautiful woman in her 50s with children between the ages of 22 and 37 who was on her way to Florida with her husband. Once she realized I sold homes, we talked real estate. Her closest friend is a realtor and she proceeded to tell me that when the market in CA took a downturn, her friend had to get a part-time job. She was happy to report that her friend has just recently quit the part-time job and is now back to working non-stop real estate in a very brisk market. That really made me feel good.

The CA market like Florida and Las Vegas as examples have been hit very hard with drops in value; foreclosures and short sales. To hear that sales are brisk and agents are busy is optimistic news. A long flight became a short flight as we conversed about California, wineries, flying, working and real estate.

I was telling one of the agents in the office about my flight and she told me that one of her seatmates became her future boss. He too was in her seat (the aisle of course). He agreed to move to his own window seat and they began to talk. They got along so well he offered her a job. I figure if I keep talking every time I travel, I will eventually list someone's home!

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