Have you noticed that the nights are a bit cooler? Have you also noticed that darkness seems to be arriving earlier than a few weeks ago? I think that means that the Fall season is almost upon us and it is time to think about some home improvement projects.

As a realtor, I see hundreds of homes a year. I love color...especially color that is timely and has been well maintained. Many of you may have a deck and there is no better month than September than to stain your deck. The days are normally warm and the nights are cool. If we are lucky this year, we may experience an Indian Summer ...a perfect time to allow the new stain on your deck to dry.

One of my most favorite and trusted magazines is Better Homes and Gardens. Their articles are informative and usually colorful. I kept one entitled: deck stains. Envision a paint brush filled with the beautiful color called BLUE MIST from The color reminded me of a glorious day at Martha's Vineyard enjoying the quaint colorful homes and the ocean nearby. Now picture a paint can filled with the deep rich color called BARN DOOR. Can't you just see a large old farmhouse on your ride to go apple picking at the orchards in Altamont? How about another interesting color called LAMB'S EAR? Definitely go to and take a look at that one. Kind of green with a nice gray tinge to it that reminds me of the nature that surrounds us. Finally, the shade called STONEWARE from was featured because it would blend so well with any color of patio furniture.

My recommendation to you? Get your paint brush out and be prepared for next year. Whether you are planning on selling in the early Spring or just enjoying your deck all next summer, there is no time like September and early October to get the outside projects done. The exterior of your home will show so much better and color brightens everyone's day. Don't forget...brown is a thing of the past!

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