Have you seen the movie "The Hundred Foot Journey" starring Helen Mirren? I just loved that movie and can't wait to purchase it when it comes out on DVD. Two things about it made me think about my profession. One was a statement I will paraphrase, "home is where the food is" and the other is when a family realizes they have found "the right" home for them in a new country. I don't want to ruin the movie for you in case you want to see it but continue on with my blog and then it will make sense to you if you do see it!

At both of the closings I attended today, the buyers were so excited. I happened to be representing the sellers in the morning and the same couple as buyers in the afternoon. The morning buyer was so excited he could barely contain himself. He explained that he only viewed three homes. I was quite shocked. Many buyers have been looking at more homes before making a decision. Although the home he purchased from my clients is a forty-five minute commute to work, he said he knew as soon as he saw the door that it was the home for him. He walked in and it cemented the deal. Everything about it made him feel good and he could not wait to purchase it.

Fast forward to the afternoon closing. My clients are now the buyers. They are nervous but anxiously excited. They want a quick closing! Their cars are full and they need to drop things off at their new home. They have been "homeless" now for a few hours. My client mentions to the sellers and their realtor that they looked at fourteen homes over one weekend and this was the last home they viewed. Mrs. Buyer knew immediately "it" was the one for her. The attorney looked at her and he agreed..."when it's right, it's right."

Conversations at closings are hopefully positive. Some buyers are very excited. Some sellers are very nostalgic leaving a home they may have lived in for many years. It is so nice to be a realtor and know that you were part of a process that made someone so happy!

So how does the movie fit in with my closings? When the buyers know the house is the one, they immediately start to envision their life in the home. They mentally place furniture, maybe picture their children playing on the swing set like my client did; cooking a particular meal in the kitchen with family or even love a fenced yard for their dog. Whatever it might be...the brightness, the street, the lot, the privacy...buyers just know when they have found "the one." 




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