How important are the first two weeks when you put your home on the market? Have you heard this expression, "You only have one chance to make a first impression?" Think of it this way: your home is now a new listing. Buyers and agents are anxious to see it. You will most likely get the majority of your showings the first 14 to 21 days that your home is offered for sale. Everyone is excited to see it so make those days count! 

Pricing and how your home shows is very important. Agents will judge it and decide if it is priced correctly; if it is priced for an offer or if it is overpriced. Buyers will determine if they want to make an offer or if your price and condition indicates that you are really not motivated. Agents will carry that information to their office and share it with the other agents if their buyer ends up determining that your home is not right for them.

What indicates motivation besides price? A few factors. How quickly do you let the buyers see your home? Do you make it difficult to show by constantly changing the showing time or insisting upon more that a few hours notice? A relocation buyer could be in town for only that day and you could lose out on a showing if you insist upon a full 24 hour notice to show. Is your home clean, the outside curb appeal attractive, windows sparkling and pets either boarded or out for a walk with you or a pet sitter? Do you act upon and address the feedback quickly if it is feasible to do so? For example, if the feedback is that your home is dark, add more lamps or use a higher wattage bulbs; open the shades if they are normally closed and consider painting a room or two with a light color. 

A second showing by the same buyer is an indication that your home is under consideration. The buyer may also be viewing other homes also for a second time. Your agent can ask that of the agent representing the buyer.  Make that second showing count. Be as accommodating as possible. Lights on in all rooms; no pet odor and garbage cans removed or placed in the garage; no heavy scented candles. Seek advice from your agent to see if you are priced correctly and if you need to do anything else to entice the buyer to offer on your home.

Once those 21 days have passed, the showings may begin to taper off. If you then decide to adjust your price, the buyers who saw your home when it first came on the market may have already purchased another home. They and their agent may not be watching to see if you reduce your price. They may not look again to see if you paint some rooms, clean up your landscaping or de-clutter your home. So make that first impression count and do as much as you can correctly the first time!
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