Tips for Buyers

Should you be concerned as a buyer if the average market time in an area is 90 days and the home you are considering has been on for 120 days? Selling a home often reflects motivation. If a home is not priced correctly; if it does not show well or if a seller makes it difficult to view, market time tends to be longer. You might want to ask your agent to see if the listing agent will share some of this information with you. Price reductions should be easily obtained in the "history"section of the MLS. Updates since it has been listed may also be noted in the remarks section of the property sheet.  How often the seller allows access to the home may also be obtained through the showing company or the listing agent if she or he wishes to divulge that information.

If inventory is low, homes tend to sell quicker. If there are many homes to choose from then a home may stay on the market longer. Another good reason why you should use the skills, knowledge and expertise of a full-time real estate professional when making a home purchase!

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