Last night I had to bid goodbye to my best friend of almost 17 years, Dodger Olds. She was my sweet but tough little beagle dog. She had the longest ears that you always wanted to touch and the most beautiful face that turned white as she aged.

Even as a puppy, Dodger wasn't easy. If there was trouble or food around, Dodger would find it. No leaving snacks out or toilet paper rolls on their dispensers. Dodger would grab the hotdog right out of your hand and pull a tablecloth off to reach a turkey breast. Leave an Easter basket on the fireplace hearth? You could be sure that all of the candy would be gone upon your return and the wrappers strewn all over the carpet. Toilet paper rolls would reach from the bathroom to the family room and you would have to chase her around a room to grab a napkin that she found in your coat pocket.

Sitting by the front door eagerly waiting for your return so happy to see you no matter how late you may have been!  Barking if she heard a stranger pull in the driveway. Nudging you with her big black nose when she could sense that you were crying. Jumping up on the couch to sleep with you when she knew you were sick. Dodger had no idea what a walk was as she spent all of her time sniffing the neighborhood. Hiding under the dining room table when the smoke alarm went off. Getting so excited when she went for a ride in the car. That little dog always brought a smile to another driver's face when they looked over and saw her gazing out the car window!

I'm a realtor. When it comes time to sell a home, I have to tell people to hide all traces of their pets. Dog bowls do not look good in photos. Pet odors are most definitely a turn-off to buyers. I often wonder what people think of me when I ask them to do these things.

Today all traces of my little pet are gone. Her bowl, her biscuits, her blanket. She won't be waiting for me by the front door anymore and those long ears are finally at rest. She was tired and scared and just not herself anymore. Her little heart is now in my heart and I am grateful for her loyalty, her love and most of all, her friendship.

Dodger's favorite place was Sacandaga Lake. She had her friends there and the water, the wonderful smells, the good food and the walks. After this winter has passed, she will rest at the Lake protected under the deck but facing the water and the sun. She will still be able to see the boats, the fires, the bridge and hear the laughter of those who loved her.

What makes a house a home? For me, my family and my pet Dodger made my house a home. Rest in peace my little girl and thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

Respectfully submitted by,
Dede Olds
Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Prime Properties
Clifton Park, NY 12065

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