I'm sure if you are a homeowner, you had a very good reason for your purchase. If you asked today's buyers though, what would they have to say? Believe it or not, most of the answers would be very similar to your own. Perhaps the only difference would be this...interest rates. You may have purchased when rates were much higher. Then as rates came down, you may have refinanced one or two times depending upon how long you have owned your home.

Current interest rates are doing two things: bringing many first-time homebuyers to the marketplace and causing current sellers to refinance! So, why do people buy? Privacy, space, a view, a backyard, a tax deduction, tired of apartment dwelling and some hoping for a good investment. I guess the more people you ask, the more answers you will get.

As a realtor, it is my job to make sure my clients make a good purchase..hopefully something I can sell for them in a few years. I must admit thought it is so satisfying to see them emotionally invested in their new home. They are excited as they mentally place furniture, a piece of art or maybe even a Christmas tree. Some buyers look at the backyard and envision a new puppy at play; a swing set for children they have or may have and others a garden they may plant. Some wonder what the neighbors will be like and others are hoping for no neighbors at all.

Whatever your reason for buying...first-time, move-up, down-size or investment, 2012 is an interesting year. Rates are the lowest they have been in 60 years. Builders are seeing increased activity and many areas are seeing multiple offers. There are still so many areas of the country where sellers are taking huge losses and other areas of the country where it is shifting from a buyer's market to a balanced market.

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Dede Olds
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If you are one of millions of Americans who will be buying this year...congratulations! Put an experienced agent to work for you and get some good solid advice before you make your biggest investment. 

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