I really believe that every home should sell. If a seller is motivated enough, a home will sell. What prevents a home from selling is price, condition and availability to see it. Some realtors and perhaps buyers would tell you that location is the key factor. I believe though that if the price is right, price will overcome the location objection!

Let's talk about condition first. Now is the perfect time of year to get that last minute outside painting done. Front doors, window frames and peeling paint need to be addressed if you plan to sell this Fall, Winter or early Spring. If your home needs an outside power wash and you live in the Northeast, it is impossible to do that in the winter months so arrange to have that done now. Sealing your driveway is also very important. Planting some bulbs so they pop in early Spring with some beautiful color will reap great rewards in your online photos.

Interior condition is crucial. Listing your home in "excellent condition" means that it should show that way. Have someone professionally clean it including all appliances. Windows should sparkle. Carpets should not smell like animals. Hardwood floors should gleam and even dated bathrooms should be clean, caulked and have new shower curtains.

The issue of availability is also very important. Many sellers make buyers wait 24 hours before they allow them to access the home. You are selling your home. It is "on the market." That should mean that it is ready for a preview. It is acceptable to ask buyers to wait a few hours while you straighten up or make arrangements for your pet but 24 hours is a long time and you may lose that showing. If you are truly motivated, you should have an action plan for your pets, your children and your housecleaning to ensure you do not lose a buyer preview.

The final and most important part of selling your home is the list price. Is it competitive How does it compare with your competition? Is it realistic? Did you over-improve for the neighborhood? Has the market changed since you purchased and have properties retained their value? If you are on the market are you getting showings If not, why not? More often than not, buyers and agents are rejecting your home. You could have the most beautiful home but if it is not getting shown, there is a reason. If buyers are looking at it but you are not getting any offers, there is a reason for that also.

The economy is slowing getting better. We have a long way to go. Employment is the key factor. Until the country as a whole sees a strong job market, the housing industry will not truly be robust. Fortunately in the Capital District, our economy is quite stable as is our housing market. We have seen some appreciation in a few of our counties. Selling your home though is an individual thing. You price it; you maintain its condition and only you can decide how motivated you are to have a buyer see it and make an offer!

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