"When is Best Time To Paint Home Interiors"

"Painting interior of your home - a Do-It-Yourself project is best done in April and May" Natural light increases as the days get longer, so the accuracy of wall and ceiling coverage is at its peak.  By summer, the light can be blinding.  It you are going to remove carpet, do so after the painting is complete.  We all know, ventilation is crucial!  Even with today's top-performing no-VOC(volatile organic compound)paints, opening windows and doors to keep air circulating and paint drying properly is key to a really good job.  Prime time for exteriors is the end of September to early November, on partly cloudy and still days in the 60s, nights in the upper 40s.

Happy painting, believe it or not Spring will soon be here!

Denise Arnold

Denise Arnold

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