Good Looks for Winter

Holidays are over and it is time to take that holiday decor down! We all know your home's entrance is the first thing a buyer sees when showing your home. So how do you dress it up with all this cold weather and snow? I have a couple of quick, cheap, and easy ideas to help ya out.

Maintainence   The most important is everyday maintenance. Make sure the walk way is snow and ice free. Because it gets darker earlier this time of year, also make sure the entrance is well lit.

Paint   Fresh paint goes a long way. Cover up any peeling you see. You could also paint the door a bold color to really make it stand out.

Wreaths   You can purchase or even create your own winter wreath for your door. Materials such as evergreen, pine cones, twigs, and cranberry are perfect for the winter. Personalize with letters or names. Visit the link at the bottom of the page for my Pinterest for inspiration.

Plants   Plants are not just for the spring time. Potted evergreens or pointsettas give a nice splash of color on the door step. You could even go the extra mile and plant some holly bushes.

Welcome Piece   A welcome sign or door mat is a small piece that can not only add something to the entrance, but also be inviting.

House Numbers   Stick your house number somewhere in the entrace. Paint it on the door or somewhere around the side. Add a plaque or just some simple 3D numbers. This is a nice touch that can be left for the future home owner. Visit the link at the bottom of the page for my Pinterest page for inspiration.

Seating   Tables and chairs aren't just for summer. If you have enough room, can clear off your front patio, and have some waterproof furniture, throw it out there!

Dennis Evans

Dennis Evans

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