This Aint your Mama's House

Jessica Edwards, a Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, provides real estate advice and tips for first time home buyers.

1. This ain’t your mama’s house – talking about getting opinions from others and that sometimes your mother may know best best not always…..choose a couple people to be sounding boards for throughout the process and that’s it.  Getting advice and opinions from too many people sometimes just makes thinks more complicated and makes you lose sight of what YOU want and need and that is most important.

2.  You live with the payment not the price – the purchase price is important or “top of mind” twice.  When you buy and when you sell.  It is the monthly payment that you live with.  Sometimes first time home buyers get so caught up on that big picture number and forget that in the end its the payment that you live with month to month and although a few thousand dollars this way or that may seem like a big deal it may not be when you look at the monthly number.

3.  You are what you eat….or where you eat anyways;) - don’t forget about real estate 101….location, location, location.  Keep in mind your daily commute, proximity to friends, family, and your life….the gym you go to, your favorite restaurant or bar, etc. I’ve had many people call me to sell because the location was never their top choice but never usually the opposite.  Don’t only pay attention to the house…look outside and around as well and keep that in mind.  I would rather someone take much longer to buy and hold out for a specific location or neighborhood than settle for a house that was great but in an area other than what they want.

4.  And on that note it should be “75 to buy”– a house isn’t going to be 100% what you want from the first time you set foot in it.  Stay focused on your most important wants and needs but let go of perfection.  A home should be 75% or more what you want and the other 25% is what you make it.  You choices in paint and décor, cosmetic stuff, etc.  Part of the joy of home ownership is making it your own.

Dennis Evans

Dennis Evans

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