Thinking of Listing your home? What do buyers NOT like to see or smell?

Thinking of listing your home.  Remember there are some instant turn offs for buyers.

1.  Odors.   On the top of the "bad smell list" is dogs and mildew.  And, remember not everyone likes the smell of perfume.  Trying to cover up smells does not help either.  A nice clean scent is what you are looking to achieve.

2.  Animals.  Not everyone likes them and some are actually afraid.  Being met in the driveway or at the door with a barking and/or jumping dog may hurt your chances.

3.  Dirty Bathrooms.  No one likes a dirty bathroom!

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If you are thinking of listing your home, have give us a call.  We will walk through your home and tell you other items that should be addressed before listing.  Also, we can give you the least expensive ways to get you more money for your home.  REMEMBER, the is no second chance to make a FIRST impression!

Diane Van Alstyne

Diane Van Alstyne

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