5 Easy ways to Give - Back Part 2 of 2

         5 Easy Ways to Give - Back                                   Part 2 of 2

(Look for the first part of this article, including the first two ways to volunteer on the last posted Blog)

3) Show a little faith - Teaching Sunday school.  Serving as an elder on a committee.

  Stuffing envelopes for a mailing.

  Raking leaves and pulling weeds during an annual clean up day.

  There are courtless ways to support local churches and other fait-based organizations.

4) Adopt a nonprofit - What's your passion or favorite cause?  Chances are you can find a related charity or nonprofit

  organization near you that could use a few more hands or dollars. 

  pet dogs at the animal shelter.

  Lead a knitting circle for a cancer support group.

  Collect parishables for the food pantry.

  Designate a portion of your paycheck to your local United Way, which helps fund a variety of community origanizations.

5) Mingle with members - Visit your local Chamber of Commerce and find out about other businesses, churches,

  individuals, or senior groups needing your help.Help them come together to provide dollars, basic necessities and hands-

  on labor to improve  lives in your community.  Youth service clubs provide a varity of fun volunteer opportunities for

  the communities youngest members.


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