5 Ways to Go Green

Giving your home a face-lift?

           Choose earth-friendly materials like these:

1)  Cotton Fiber Insulation

Green ways:  Made from recycled blue-jean scraps:

soft and safe to handle: 100% recyclable.

Safety perks:

Treated to resist fire:  no formaldehyde or other chemical irritants;  no itch.

2)  Natural linoleum

Green ways:  Long lasting and recyclable;  no  glue required for click-in-place installation.

Safety perks:

Asthma- and allergy-friendly;  dry-dusting prevents allergen accumulation.

3)  Cool metal roofing

Green ways:  Saves up to 40% on cooling energy costs;  lasts two to three times longer then conventional shingles.

Safety perks:

Resistant to hail, wind and fire.

4)   Energy-efficient windows

Green ways:  Reduce heat loss and cooling costs.  Energy Star windows lower energy bills 7 - 24%

Safety perks:  Laminated glass reduces outside noise and stays in place if broken.

5)  Mold-resistant wallboard

Green ways: Gypsum wallboard with a moisture-resistant core reduces risk of mold and avoids wasteful replacement.

Safety perks:  Helps keep indoor air quality healthy.


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