About 48,000. Cyclists were Injured in 2011

About 48,000 Cyclists were Injured in Traffic Accidents in 2011!


Thats' a scary number, especially if you enjoy riding your bike anywhere near traffic.

The road is there to share,  but the mismatch between a vehicle weighing tons and a lightweight bicycle frame can have tragic consequences.

Whether you're driving or biking, following a few basic rules to accommodatre your fellow travelers will help keep everyone sharing the road safe.


Defensive Driving Extends to Bikes.

Yield - and Watch Out for Bicyclists Who Don't.

Pay Extra Attention to Hidden Bicyclists.

Open Doors Carefully.

Return the Favor When Biking.

When riding a bike, obey all traffic rules and lights, as if you were driving a car!


Most of all wear a helmet,  stop at all intersections,  look both ways, use hand signals,  proceed carefully,  and Be Safe!



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