Common Credit Myths Part 2 of 2

Common Credit Myths     Part 2 of 2


8-My credit score reflects payments as I make them  -  FALSE

      The credit report and score will be updated when the creditor updates the credit bureaus

      with the new information, which is typically once a month.

9-Credit Scores are the same no matter where I get them  -  FALSE

      Your mortgage industry FICO scores are the most accurate

Things to DO:

Have at lease one open and active credit card

Keep Credit Card balances less than 30% of the limits allowed

Use your credit card monthly to build your credit with activity

Things  NOT  to Do:

Don't close credit cards

Don't close any accounts

Don't apply for any new accounts of any kind

Don't co-sign for anyone/anything

Don't let anyone else pull your credit

Don't pay collections

I hope this will answer some of your questions.

If you still have some, and aren't sure who to ask, give me a call (315) 671-3636

I can give you the names and phone numbers of compassionate people who would

like to help you.

And remember.....                  "DORIS OPENS DOORS!"


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