Getting your Car Ready for Winter - Part 1 of 6 Sinple steps

Getting your Car Ready for Winter - Part 1 of 6 Sinple steps

Checking your Tire Pressure

When:  Checking the tire pressure at least once a month, when the tires are cold (undriven).

Be sure to check even the spare tire.  Always follow the recommendations in yours owner's manual for the amount of tire-presure for each tire.  That information is located in the glove box, or on the doorjam or on the underside of the trunk lid.

Do not use the pressure molded into the tire sideway, because it may not be the right pressure for your particular car.


Why do this:  Over-inflated tires ride roughly and suffer premature wear at the center of the tread.  Under-inflated tires decrease fuel economy and cause handling difficulties, and can cause overheat and failure at highway speeds.


Be sure to check back for Parts 2 through 6 of easy steps to assure your car is ready for winter!


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